Philly Premier League


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Wednesday, February 21, 2007 through Wednesday, March 28, 2007.

Venue: Curran’s Irish Inn, 6900 Old State Rd. 215-332-8892

Game: The game is 501, straight-start, double-finish.

Play Format: The format for each match will be best of 5 sets, best of 5 legs per set.

A coin toss will decide who has option for shooting the bull first. The winner of the bull will start the first game in sets 1, 3 and 5; and the loser of the bull will start the first game in sets 2 and 4. Players will alternate starts in all other games. If the match comes down to the final game of the 5th Set, and the score is two sets and two games each, the loser of the original coin toss has option for the bull to determine the start of the last game.

Match Points: The winner of each match will receive one point.

Schedule: The first four weeks of play will consist of round robin play, with matches taking place at 8 pm and 9 pm, according to the draw schedule.
The last two weeks of play will consist of a seeded, single elimination, knockout tournament. Seeding will be determined based on the round robin, total Match Points. Ties will be resolved based on Points Per Dart averages. The seeded round matches and the semi-final matches will take places on the fifth week, at 8 pm and 9 pm respectively. The final match will take place the sixth week at 8 pm.

Entry: Membership is by invitation, with the registration fee being 35 points per period.

Prizes: The total prize pool will be split in half. The first half will be distributed to the top four round robin finishers, based on total Match Points. The second half will be distributed to the two, knockout tournament finalists.

The prize points will be allocated as follows:

Round Robin Play Knockout Tournament
1st 50 1st 90
2nd 40 2nd 50
3rd 30
4th 20

In the event of ties, in total Match Points, the effected prize points will be split evenly among the effected players.

Player Obligations: All players must be present at the Venue, and prepared to begin match play at 8 pm and 9pm respectively. Because of time and schedule constraints, lateness and non-attendance cannot be accepted.

A scoring results sheet will be used to calculate each player’s points per dart average. All players must record the number of darts thrown and final remaining scores on the match score sheet after each game.

Players should record scoring rounds of 171+ and out-shots of 100+ on the bottom of the match score sheet.

All players must sign or initial the scoring results sheet after each match to confirm the accuracy and validity of the match results.

Sportsmanship and respect for your fellow dart players should prevail at all times.

Special Requirements: The goal of this league is to raise the level of excellence and professionalism in the sport of darts. It is an invitational, and by agreeing to participate in this league, each player understands that continued participation will be based on performance and conduct.

All grievances, disputes, questions or problems must be addressed to the Tournament Director, who reserves the right to all final decisions.

If necessary the Tournament Director has the power to stop a game and award the match to an opponent should the Tournament Director decide that a player is behaving in a manner with is damaging to the league or the sport of darts.

Bill Davis
Tournament Director