Captains email

If you saw
next to your teams name, then read on...

More and more we have relied on electronic media (email, internet website etc.) to make information available to the membership. Given the success that we have had with this method, starting with this season, we will no longer be mailing individual, weekly  standings. It has continued to be a time consuming and costly process that we would like to get away from. Many players complain that they never see the standings anyway and many establishments no longer post them. Standings will be available via and and will only be printed and handed out at the monthly captainís meeting.

Therefore you can submitted an email for your team here. I will need the following info from you. The captains name, email address that will be used for the league to communication and your team division and team name and phone number.

Note: If your Captain doesn't have an email address, designate someone else on your team to be the one we will communicate league info to.

Submitted captains email - Click Here.

I will verify your info before adding it to the email list. Make sure you provide the info in red in your email.