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This page will allow you to correct any spelling errors concerning QCEDL Teams and Player's Only

If need to ADD or REMOVE a player from your Team, You must do this in person at the meetings. Adds or Removes requests from this form will not be processed

Thank you

All other website typo's and corrections need to be emailed to the webmaster.

By submitting corrections here you are correcting the name(s) on the mailed standings as well. I display the data that is typed in by The Recording Secretary. The changes may take up to 2 weeks to be corrected.
Also you can correct the spelling in person at the Captains meeting. You must tell us what to correct, we do not review the Score Sheets for the spelling of the players.

This form will email the QCEDL Recording Secretary any Team or Players spelling corrections
all fields need to be fill out.

 Please enter your Division

Team Number

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Enter the name(s) as it's spelled on the website or standings:
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Enter the correct spelling of the name(s): 
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NOTE: You will see an error after you SUBMIT your correction.
The info still gets to us, ignore it.
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